Motion Sensor WMS801

Motion Sensor WMS801

This KODAK Wireless Motion Detector is the perfect accessory to complete your KODAK SA101 Connected Alarm System.

It allows you to be alerted in case of intrusion detection by a notification on your phone.


Product highlights:

  • 110 ° detection angle
  • Quick and easy installation (EN user manual and tutorials on the KODAK Smart Security YouTube channel)
  • KODAK Security & KODAK Connect: Free Apps, iOS and Android compatible

Warning: This motion Sensor is not compatible with animals. The motion detection is triggered as soon as there is a passage in front of the detector.



Signal Frequency868.3 MHz
RF Range (open field conditions)150M
Battery Type3 Battery 1.5V AA (included)
Max. Detection Range12M max.
Detection Angle110°
Battery LifeAnticipated life up to 2 years (Supposed 200 triggers per day)
Battery Power MonitoringYes, on devices and transmitted to the mobile App
Tamper DetectionYes
Operating Temperature0°~40°C
Operating Humidity10%~80%RH
Dimensions110mm (H) x 61.4mm (W) x 51.6mm (D)
Mobile AppDownload the App KODAK Connect if the Motion sensor is paired to the Alarm system SA101
Download the App KODAK Security if the Motion sensor is paired to the security Cameras EP101WG or IP101WG.
Compatibilities• Alarm system SA101
• Security Cameras : IP101WG, EP101WG
Warning : This Motion sensor is not working alone. It has to be paired to your Alarm System KODAK SA101 or a Security Camera KODAK EP101WG or IP101WG.
Packing Content• 1 Wireless Motion Sensor KODAK WMS801
• 1 Mounting Kit
• 1 User Manual EN