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Get indoor and outdoor protection of your house with this KODAK security kit. Enjoy the home automation system with smartplugs. This comprehensive kit consists in the KODAK alarm system, a central unit, 2 door contact switches, 1 motion detector and one remote control. It is combined with two Full HD cameras: the IP101WG indoor camera, and the EP101WG outdoor camera. The kit also includes one outdoor siren and 2 smartplugs.

This system is fully customizable according to your needs, and very simple to use and easy to install. You manage the system direcly from smartphone via the Kodak Connect application, to keep an eye on your house or office at all times. The central unit, equipped with a battery and siren, can further improve your alarm system by adding up to 32 security accessories and 2 additional cameras. The door/window contact switches; the motion detector and the outdoor siren are essential features to protect your surroundings and be alerted in case of trespassing. These notifications will be directly sent to your smartphone. As for the remote control, it will enable you to arm or disarm the system manually.

This kit also includes 2 smartplugs that will help you manage your electric appliances and create different scenarii by combining your security with home automation. For instance, you will be able to trigger a plug in case of door opening or motion detection. The 2 cameras included in this kit will help you monitor both indoor and outdoor environments. Both cameras feature a motorized pan tilt head for optimal field of view, night vision, and they can record 1-minute video clips on a SD card (not included in this kit) once the alarm is triggered.

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