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Kodak IP101WG Camera Kit with 2 remote controls

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Thanks to this special IP101WG kit, you will enjoy a full HD in-door camera combined with 2 remote controls. This is ideal if you want the camera to be controlled by several people. Simply use these remote controls to arm and disarm your camera and get your premises protected efficiently .

The camera: Kodak cameras are the perfect tool if you look for a simple, efficient installation. They are designed for in-door use, fully connected and monitored through a free application that enables you to keep control over the security of your premises at any time and from anywhere. Get full HD pictures and clear cut images even at night thanks to its infrared filter and LED lights. With the camera's motorized pan tilt head, keep an eye on the different angles of your room. The IP101WG camera is equipped with a built-in siren to efficiently complement your protection. Once it's triggered, you can record and save the video clips on a SD card (not included in this kit). You can talk and listen to sounds via the application. You may upgrade your camera into a true security system by adding up to 6 accessories (door contact switch, motion detector, etc.). This camera is fully compatible with the Kodak alarm system.

Accessories: Two remote controls to arm/disarm your system. If you forgot to preset this function, you can still trigger the alarm manually by activating the SOS mode.

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