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Kodak IP101WG Camera Kit with 6 accessories

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Thanks to this special, comprehensive IP101WG kit, enjoy your IP101WG camera with 6 accessories: 3 door contact switches, 1 motion detector and 2 remote controls to arm/disarm the system in a very simple way.

The camera: Opt for Kodak cameras if you want a security system that is not only effcient but also very simple to install. Stay connected to your house at all times, and manage its security through the free application. - Full HD definition for images of optimal quality; - night vision enabled through the infrared filter and LED lights; - motorized pan tilt head for a wide field of view; - built-in siren to efficiently complement your protection, with the possibility to record video clips if the alarm triggers. Record the video clips on a SD card (not included in this kit) and save them on your own storage account; - use the application to communicate via the camera's built-in speaker and microphone.

Accessories: thanks to the 6 accessories included in this kit, you will be able to get a simple and efficient protection of your house. - 3 door/window contact switches: in case of trespassing, get an immediate alert on your smartphone; - 1 motion detector: get informed via the application in case of motion detection. Tip: devote a specific position to the door contact switches and motion detector so that when the alarm gets triggered, the camera will automatically aim at the accessory that was triggered and thus indicate the origin of the alarm; - 2 remote controls for manual arming/disarming of your system. To further complete your system and acquire full protection, add to this camera the Kodak alarm system.

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