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KODAK EP101WG Camera Kit with 6 accessories

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This is the ideal kit to provide you with optimal protection in the surroundings of your house. Enjoy this FULL HD outdoor camera with its 6 essential accessories: 3 door contact switches, 1 motion detector and 2 remote controls.

The camera: Kodak cameras are the perfect equipment if you look for an efficient security system that is easy to operate. The camera is connected; you can manage it from a distance and thus keep an eye on what happens around your house from your smartphone, via a free application. It is designed for outdoor security control and its motorized pan tilt head can control a very wide area. This camera is also equipped with Full HD definition and night vision, for high quality pictures under any lightning conditions. Record the video clips triggered by the motion detector on a SD card (not included in this kit), and forward them to your online storage account.

Accessories: Thanks to the essential accessories included in this kit, protect your house in a very simple but optimal way. - The door/window contact switches; - One motion detector. Receive an alert on your smartphone if any of these accessories gets triggered. Their range of action is 100 meters radius around the camera. Tip: Pre-set the position of your door contact switches so that when the alarm gets triggered the camera will automatically aim at it to identify the origin of the alarm. - 2 remote controls: for the manual management of your system. For even more functionalities, complement your camera with the Kodak alarm system.

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