IP101WG Starter Kit

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Opt for the IP101WG Starter Kit to start with a simple and efficient protection. This kit consists in a IP101WG Camera combined with a door contact switch and remote control, the essentials for an efficient protection at affordable price.

The camera: the KODAK IP101WG camera is a user-friendly indoor camera. Equipped with full HD definition, it will provide you with high quality images. You can use its motorized pan tilt head to view different angles. Should the built-in siren get triggered, you will be able to record video clips of exceptional quality directly on a SD card (not included in this kit). The video clips will then be automatically forwarded to your online GOOGLE Drive account, at no extra cost. The camera's infrared filters and LED lights will provide you with clear-cut images under whatever conditions. Thanks to the two-way audio system, you will be able to communicate and interact with your relatives via the camera, from your smartphone or tablet. Manage and monitor your house at all times and from anywhere thanks to the free application for smartphones or tablets. This fully customizable camera can change into a true security system by adding up to 6 security accessories according to your needs.

Accessories: the door or window contact-switch is a must to protect your house or your office. In case someone is trespassing through a door equipped with this accessory,  a notification will be sent directly to your smartphone. Pre-set the position of your accessories and if the alarm is triggered the camera will automatically aim at the accessory that has been triggered. As for the remote control, it will enable you to arm or disarm the alarm system. You can also activate the SOS mode, and immediately trigger the alarm.

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